“I was on the March”. What March? Paul Edwards reports in the Review that on police estimates, over 100,000, demonstrated against the cuts which are affecting millions of people. Yet you would be hard pressed to know about it. Few major English Daily newspapers reported on it. Why would the peaceful voices of so many be ignored? 

Why was it not considered worthy of publicity? It would be interesting to know your views. However, the impact and feeling of solidarity for those who were there will still have been felt. It would have affirmed many that they are not a lone voice in feeling concerned at the austerity measures taking place and its affect on the poorest and most vulnerable. 

What is important to draw attention to is that whilst the march could be seen as against the cuts, as demonstrated by the many banners and placards its title ‘A Future that Works’ has a positive side to it. Not only does it imply the need for funding and creating employment it also ‘nods’, albeit cautiously, at possible alternatives, the theme of our last newsletter. The Union Unite is planning to establish a network of Credit Unions to challenge the extortionate interest rates of payday lenders.

Another idea voiced at the march was support for a finance transaction tax. The idea is to impose a small charge on transactions of currencies, bonds and shares traded at banks and financial institutions. The money raised could go against the European countries’ debts. There is however arguments against the idea including the UK who are apparently particularly opposed to it because of the implications for the City of London.

Many Christians taking part in the march would see it as an action in solidarity with those who are and will suffer the most because of the changes to the Welfare State. It is imperative that we find a voice, share a voice and have a voice along with the modern day equivalent of the widow, the orphan, and the stranger. In practice if we are not with, or for them, then are we against them? This edition focuses on the actions of MCW members who have found a place for their voice and a direct expression of their faith. Our National Conference’s theme in November is ‘The Mission of the Movement Today’. It would seem that Ann, Marcus & Paul are living it.

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