MCW and a changing World of Work

The World of Work is constantly changing, the growth of the GIG economy, the disappearance of large industrial production in large conurbations and the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises with the massive reduction in trades union affiliation in consequence. Each one of us has something to say about our life at work, our neighbourhood and communities and our families. We all need the strength to act to promote a word that is more just and equal.

Members of the MCW are coming together to share their life experiences, their hope and their fears. Reflecting in the light of the gospel we are inspired to engage with others to construct a human and just world based on solidarity.

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What is the MCW?

The MCW is a Movement of the Catholic Church within the Cardijn tradition of apostolic lay Movements. It forms, supports and sustains its members to be activists:.....Read more

The MCW is a member of the
World Movement of
Christian Workers


European Christian
Worker Movement



The MCW does not receive funding from any source other than its members and supporters.

The membership fee is a minimum of £12 per person annually


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