Declaration of the Action Catholique Ouvrière in the Diocese of Rouen (28 July 2016 Following all the acts of violence in the last year, there are today people and members of the ACO from the diocese of Rouen, who are living through a difficult moment, particularly the friends of St-Etienne-du-Rouvray and its neighbourhoods, who knew Jacques Hamel and also those taken hostage.

An official memorial service took place on 28 July, 6000 emotional yet dignified people, ( in the presence of the Communist Mayor and elected representatives of the region, Mgr Lebrun and representatives of all religions…) This short message was written by a small group of the ACO and distributed during this ceremony.

Love will always be stronger

On Tuesday 26 July 2016 terrorism struck at the heart of the Church of St Etienne-du-Rouvray (in Normandy Northern France)

We are members of the Action Catholique Ouvriere and we are in communion with the family of Fr Jaques Hamel odiously assassinated, and also with the victims of this attack. We share the immense pain with all the Stephanais.*

Fr. Hamel was attentive to the lives of the people, welcoming, discreet and we particularly recognise his work and support of the Mission Ouvriere (Mission to the Workers).

Let’s not allow hate and mistrust to spread!

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are convinced that living together in harmony is possible. This odious act will not break the strength of our solidarity. We want to continue to build fraternity, solidarity in the places where we live with the Muslim community, and all those other religious communities and with those who have humanist and pacifist convictions.

The richness of a Multicultural society should be shared: let’s dare to care, to listen, lets take care of one another… it is together that we will overcome these tribulations.

“ All our members equally have to take care of one another. If one member suffers, all suffer with him” St Paul First letter to the Corinthians (12,25-26)

We remain committed more than ever to a struggle for the dignity of each and every human being, for justice and peace in our country and in the world.

*Name given to the people from the town of ST Etienne du Rouvray.

ACO of Rouen 28 July 2016 Messages of support can be sent to ACO Diocese Rouen 76 137, Rue Saint Julien 76100 Rouen France

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