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What is the MCW?

MCW LogoThe MCW is a Movement of the Catholic Church within the Cardijn tradition of apostolic lay Movements. It forms, supports and sustains its members to be activists. This enables those Christians who are active and leaders to bring about positive change in the organisations in which they are involved. Their participation may be in trade unions, political parties and voluntary or community organisations. The inspiration for this involvement springs from their Faith which is a provocation to deepen their actions and commitment. We follow the Review of Life Method of See, Judge & Act which enables members to reflect on their lived experiences and that of others in the light of Gospel values and provokes positive action for change. This Review of Life takes place in small groups which meet on a regular basis. It also provides the opportunity for training and formation for those who wish to deepen their understanding between their faith and day to day activism. 

The MCW is affiliated to the European Christian Workers’ Movement (ECWM) and the World Movement of Christian Workers (WMCW).

Review of Life Method


The objective of the See stage is to arrive at a fuller understanding of the reality lived by members of the group and the people they meet in their everyday lives.            

It is not a general discussion of a hypothetical subject but an enquiry into everyday reality. At the 'See' part of the enquiry experiences are shared, usually focusing on one aspect of life from the perspective of one member of the group - "My experience of this situation is ..."


The objective of the Judge stage is to analyse the causes and consequences of the situation. It is not an occasion to make moral judgments but rather an opportunity to begin to make sense of what is happening in the world around us. During this stage we try to help the group to link what is happening today with the challenges of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When making analysis MCW groups are sensitive to Christ's commitment to the poor and those on the margins of society who are excluded from sharing in the fruits and wealth of the world.


The objective of the Act stage is to help the group share with each other the various steps of action that spring from the enquiry. Often, we can be frightened off by the prospect of taking action. This can be due to a misunderstanding of the term. Our actions can be very small, or they can involve a more complicated but achievable set of tasks. It will depend on what comes out of the enquiries. The thing to remember is that even small actions can have important outcomes.

Data Protection

The MCW will only use your details to contact you and will never share your details with any third party. If at any time you wish to terminate your membership contact the address shown below.

MCW Logo
What is the MCW?

The MCW is a Movement of the Catholic Church within the Cardijn tradition of apostolic lay Movements. It forms, supports and sustains its members to be activists:.....Read more

The MCW is a member of the
World Movement of
Christian Workers


European Christian
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The MCW does not receive funding from any source other than its members and supporters.

The membership fee is a minimum of £12 per person annually


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