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What is the MCW?

We act against injustice and inequality to improve the lives of everyone in society

About Movement of Christian Workers

We use the life of Christ to inspire us to meet the challenges of everyday life. We meet in small groups to share experiences and provoke actions for change. We highlight issues that affect workers and those on the margins of society. We organise 

Who are we?
We are a movement of adults, who are like-minded in our beliefs and in our desire to create a just society for all. We meet in small groups to share our life experiences and those of others we know. Through our discussions and reflections, in the light of the Christian Gospel, we provoke actions for change. Each of us carries out these actions in our daily lives, at home, at work and in our leisure time.
The Movement has officially existed since 1990. It has its roots in the Catholic Church, having grown out of the Young Christian Workers Movement which was founded in 1924 by Joseph Cardijn, a Belgian priest. Our members are drawn from different Christian denominations and traditions. The MCW is affiliated to the European Christian Workers’ Movement (ECWM) and the World Movement of Christian Workers (WMCW). We are in close contact with both organisations and we send delegates to European and International meetings.

What do we do?
The MCW aims to support and encourage its members in their activism or to be activists. Their participation may be in trade unions, political parties and voluntary or community organisations. In small groups of two or more, members review their lives by following a method called the ‘Review of Life’, also known as “See, Judge, Act”. This method provides a useful framework for members to discuss and analyse their concerns, ensuring that action arises from the discussion. A fuller explanation of each stage of this method can be found on our website. We hold regular seminars and conferences to share our knowledge and findings, to educate ourselves more fully of real-life issues and to deepen our understanding of how our faith relates to our everyday life.

What have we done?
Through our collective findings, in the group meetings and the activities and actions of our members, we become involved in campaigns and surveys. We highlight issues that affect working people and those on the margins of our society through our regular newsletter and website. We also organise seminars which reflect our preoccupations. Two recent seminars were entitled “The Pandemic through our eyes” and “The Forgotten Workers: Low-Paid Workers in Multiple Employment”. Our movement is run by volunteers.



The MCW does not receive funding from any source other than its members and supporters.

The membership fee is a minimum of £12 per person annually


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