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MCW Review: Issue 70 February 2020: "Voices to be heard"

2020 05 04 190117

This edition of the MCW Review includes, what appears to be, an eclectic collection of articles. However, they actually do have a common thread running through them: Voices needing to be heard.
Members of the B45 MCW group listened to those telling their stories of receiving or paying a Living Wage.

The positive impact for both employees and employers was clear. These voices can be an inspiration to others to be part of the Living Wage Campaign to pay and be able to earn a wage that meets the actual cost of living. This perspective would certainly be one held by Joseph Cardijn.

He sought to gather young workers together for them to become more conscious of their realities and to develop this thinking and knowledge with the other young workers they met in their daily lives. The basis of their formation was to recognise their dignity as sons and daughters of God and to take action together to change their situations by using their voices on behalf of themselves and others. Many years on some of those voices are now being heard in the campaign towards the beatification of Cardijn in recognition of his support and belief in young workers‟ potential and his method to facilitate their on-going, lifelong formation in the practice of the Review of Life.
The two articles on the „Pact of the Catacombs‟, the original made during the Second Vatican Council, the second at the recent Synod on the Amazon, includes “to be faithful to the spirit of Jesus” in the service of the poor. The initial Pact had a strong YCW influence with the text, notably in its concluding sentences, referring specifically to the review of life method (see-judge-act). The voices of those participants who signed the latest Pact and remembering the original Bishops‟ proclamations should be heard, articulated and asserted more loudly then they are currently so that their views and sentiments are not lost to the Church or the wider world.
Frank Foley writing about his travels in the Holy Land alludes to echoes from the past; of the lives faced by the men and women who followed Jesus. He also makes reference to hearing about the everyday realities of Muslims, Jews and Christians. Just as Frank sought to listen to all he met the World Movement of Christian Workers‟ (WMCW) puts emphasis on women who are not being listened to.
The message for International Women‟s Day is loud and clear except of course on the contrary it is about the silent and hidden and can require the intervention or support of others so that women are heard and their situations changed. The International Chaplain of the WMCW calls upon us to be involved in seeking change so that women‟s roles can be recognised equally alongside that of men. Once more this acknowledges the need for voices to be raised to make that change which for so long has been drowned out by many a male voice.
Jesus taught a very valuable lesson in listening, engaging and letting women, the poor and the marginalised tell their stories so that their realities and perspectives were allowed to be visible. He gave space and acknowledged to them so they could speak up for themselves and be listened to. Whether it is women, young workers, the poor or people from different ethnic groups the articles in this edition give voice to why they should be heard and our role to facilitate it when and where possible.



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